This sound reminds me of long wet falls in Portland and the brakes on my bike not quite working on old steel wheels and sliding through slick leaves.

Today I read the paper, thought about going for a bike ride and didn’t, baked a cake and ironed. It’s fall. ❤ ❤ ❤

angsty things about smooching and guns

me: wait should I get morally vacant and spiritually dead tatted on my thigh?

kelly: the answer is YES
thigh tatts are so hot forever

me: totally doing  it.
also just watched an ESPN docu on pablo escobar and the colombian national soccer team of the early nineties

first of all, cried
also, UM
drugs are a bad idea, officially.
mostly because colombian babies are lying in the streets for our noses
which is really unsettling
but also
holy shit, colombian drug cartels
they like ran the country for real
as in owning the police force and whatnot
and then killed their star player
after the team failed to advance in the world cup
kelly: ok holy shit knowledge drop
i feel like
you should give me your mom’s netflix login so we can be in a digital bookclub
me: GAH
kelly: and i can have knowledge
me: I DIED.
kelly: i guess it’s like 7$/month
i’m making coffee right now, also?
and bout to collage for Thrashin’

me: espn’s 30 for 30 series is s0000 intense
kelly: HAHAHA
me: sports are like really a metaphor for the human experience, kind of
or the modern human experience
kelly: ohhhhh yeah
me: plus, nationalism!!
kelly: watching a player’s career as the arc of a human life
it’s tragedies
bad choices
me: yes!
kelly: triumphs
me: GUH
kelly: injuries
death (retirement)
drama (trades, fights)
me: i cried during the one about the Gretzky trade too

i need to retire from netflix
but it goes really well with embroidery, you know?
kelly: uh YEAH IT DOES
that’s why i need it for cut/paste
me: also check out this artist’s website!
shes kind of a baller
her “paintings” are mostly embroidery
i was like HOLY FUCK
also shes Egyptian but a lot of her subject matter deals with explicit imagery
kelly: damn that’s awesome
me: AH look at this one
its refreshing to see a successful contemporary artist that doesn’t blow
kelly: yeah no shit
also it’s time to learn another language probs
and get an EU citizenship, defs
i am speaking the bored language of mortals // americans
want 2 speak teh dark tongue of bears
me: wait have you seen batman yet?
kelly: god dammit no
supposed to go on a date with a bro to see it, so.
i kinda feel like my response to a bro letting me slip through his fingers is always something along the lines of “you’re gonna regret this”
which: LULZ
me: the best way to go about it, of course.
also, i am legitimately pissed about miley cyrus’ new haircut. As in the one she STOLE FROM ME
kelly: also, who//what is she?
called her as a hologram in ’09, world
me:  i kind of h8 everyone who would identify in her peer level
kelly: i kind of h8 anyone that earnestly identifies with any celebrity
like people commenting on kim kardashian’s instagram photos
so many levels of ew
“oh that? that’s me being embarrassed for you”
me: at least they’re all miserable people, so that makes me feel better
kelly: it’s like playing along with kids about santa
like, alright, you believe that huh?
i guess you’re entitled?
and that makes you happy
but i can’t believe you haven’t figured this shit out yet


went to detroit seeking to excavate some American truth, like everybody does. found rubble and more mysteries than answers, like everybody does.