Call for hair stories!

Hello all women, womyn and girls with hair stories!

I am soliciting¬†stories for a collection of women’s accounts of their own hair that I’m compiling. My aim within this project is to represent a wide range of women and hair: age, ethnicity, hair length, texture, etc. If you identify as female, have ever had hair and thought about it, I’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like a prompt, here are a few:

1. Can you detail the decision process that went into your hair length? If you have long hair, why? If short, why?
2. What are people’s memorable reactions to your hair?
3. a. If you’ve ever drastically changed your hair in length/color/texture, how did you feel? Do you feel that it changed how you were perceived, or even how you perceived yourself?
¬† ¬† b. if you’ve had a consistent hair style for a long time, do you ever think about a radical change but don’t go through with it? Why do you think you haven’t?
4. Do you ever experience hair envy? Of whom/ which hair type(s)?
5. If you’d like to add any other musings on your hair or a specific hair philosophy that you hold, please do.

Please respond in the comments or to


Thank you!